​​Brigid Boyle

​​Grief Counseling and 
Bereavement Education Services


I offer grief counseling. For some, that might look like one on one sessions, for others it might be talking with partners or families, or children. Typically, grief counseling lasts for a limited number of sessions; its goal is to help you process the myriad of emotions that accompany your loss, learn strategies for managing the parts of life that feel unmanageable under the cloud of grief, and help you learn to reengage your days in a way that honors both your loss and the gifts your life still holds. Most counseling takes place in my office, but it is not unusual for me to work with you "off site" for particular situations.


The experience of being with a group of other people "get it" can transform the sense of loneliness which is so common in grief. Over and over, I find myself grateful for the kind of healing that can happen in community.

Several times through the year, I offer support groups for different populations who are in the midst of grief. These groups are "closed," which means that, once they begin additional participants cannot join until the next session. The groups last six weeks. This particular model of group grief work is powerful. It enables group members to connect with each other in powerful, and often lasting, ways. 

​Upcoming support groups will be posted under the events tab.



I offer counseling for those who have been given a life-limiting diagnosis for their baby, or whose baby has died. The death of a child is a unique and traumatic loss, full of deep pain and deep grief. There is nothing like it, and it is nothing short of devastating. The struggle to regain a sense of life's purpose and goodness after a child has died is very, very real. Often, the world feels upside-down, backwards, and inside-out. The days, weeks, months and years, following the loss of a child can be isolating and scary. As a bereaved parent myself, I have walked this walk, and I know how painful it is to lose hopes and dreams and how disorienting it is to exist in a world that no longer seems to make sense. I have specialized training in parental bereavement, and am able to help you walk through the sadness, hopelessness, and dislocation of losing a child. I can accompany you and help you find ways to express your feelings in all of their intensity, and to find ways to remember and honor your child as you learn to live with hope.